Organic ways to keep mozzies out

I have successfully tried some organic ways to keep mosquitoes at bay, and I share them below:

1. Buy dried lavender flowers from health or scent shops, and make a potpourri bag or pouch out of them, or place one to two teaspoons into a small glass.

Place a glass of these flowers in each room, on the floor, near where our legs might be at a study table, for example.

Hang potpourri bags behind doors, where there might be mosquitoes because they like dark places.

A small pouch of these lavender flowers can also be put on each bed.

2. Tie a whole piece of lemongrass with a string. Make six of these and hang them around the home.

Replace the lemongrass when the smell is gone.

3. Buy dried orange peel from grocery shops. Place a piece in a small dish or glassware. Put these in every room, living room, dining room, bathrooms, balcony and the kitchen.

Replace the orange peel once the smell is gone.

4. Apply a tiny bit of medicated oil or Tiger Balm onto the wood at the back of doors.

Be careful not to use too much, as the alcohol, when it evaporates, can be smarting to the eyes.

Reapply when the smell is gone.

You can also apply some of the oil or balm under the hems of pants or other clothing, as well as on your legs.

5. Sleep with the lights on, as mosquitoes dislike brightness.

6. Switch on the fan, as it is harder for mosquitoes to land on human flesh to feed when there is wind.

Emily Tai Kim Mooi (Ms)