Onerous application process to be deputy to mentally challenged sister

The Government is trying to make it easier to apply for deputyship for mentally challenged people but it is still a tedious and expensive process.

My mentally challenged sister was left in my care after our parents' deaths. She has no one else to take care of her and is not capable of managing any financial matters.

However, my application to act as her deputy has failed three times in the Family Court.

For each hearing, I had to get a reputable lawyer, and get doctor's and psychiatrist's reports. In all, I have spent almost $7,000 but have yet to get the judge's approval.

Why is the process so difficult, expensive and time consuming? If it were not necessary, I would not have applied.

I appeal to the Government and Family Court to look into the application process, as people like me do not have the financial capabilities to apply again and again.

See Swee Tin (Miss)