Numbers provide little relief to non-smokers

The National Environment Agencycited a lot of numbers in its reply, which detract from the real issue ("NEA takes strict stance against smokers who flout law"; Feb 16).

It gives little relief to non-smokers who have to continue to inhale second-hand smoke from inconsiderate smokers.

It makes little sense to say that smoking is prohibited in more than 32,000 premises and that the NEA issued about 19,000 enforcements last year, as there is no basis to compare how effective it is in stopping smoking in prohibited places.

And, 19,000 enforcements over 32,000 premises in a year is equivalent to 0.0016 enforcements a day.

Saying that building managements and operators are required to stop smokers makes little sense too because they have no legal authority to do so.

It is time for the NEA to step up and take concrete action to protect Singaporeans from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke.

Jessie Loy Sze Nah (Ms)