NTUC has lost sight of original purpose

I read Dr Lee Siew Peng's letter and would like to add to the issues that were raised (Help from NTUC Enterprise can be a way to ease poverty; Oct 3).

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) was set up decades ago for the people. It helped with employment issues and provided affordable meals, insurance, education and more.

Over the years, however, it seems that the NTUC's management has lost sight of its original purpose.

It is not uncommon today to hear complaints of sky-high rents for shops in NTUC-managed malls. The prices at NTUC Foodfare outlets are not cheap, insurance premiums are going up and items in their supermarket chain cost quite a bit too.

To cite an example, about a month ago, when I checked the price of a bottle of Sunsilk shampoo, it was selling for $4.70 at a heartland shop but cost an unbelievable $12.95 at FairPrice.

It is regretful that an enterprise set up for the people has evolved to become a hard-driving organisation that appears to be worsening the problem of the high cost of living here.

I urge the management to relook the way the business is being run today and take control of what it is costing the community.

Sam Yeow

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