Not all vagabonds need help

Some people are homeless for reasons best known to themselves.

I came across one such person at East Coast Park years ago who was actually a shrewd opportunist. Which is why I agree with this letter (Vagabonds not creating trouble? Leave them be, by Mr Zhang Guocheng; Oct 25).

I was once at a shelter with my wife when he walked by with some luggage in tow.

As all other shelters were occupied, he inquired if he could share ours.

After settling down, he took out a pile of wet clothing, which he had washed earlier at a toilet nearby, to dry.

We soon got to chatting and his story left me dumbfounded.

He had sold his flat at a time when the property market was hot; he had been on the move since then, to ride out the state of homelessness he was in and the high property prices at that point. His plan was to get a home when property prices fall substantially.

There must be others like him.

We should not bother them, but neither should we mistake them for those who are really poor and pitiful.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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