Not all cyclists are slow and harmless

Mr Chu Wa ("Boost awareness, enforcement of code of conduct on shared paths"; Sept 24) and Mr Charles Tan Kim Seng ("Stop blame game, learn to be gracious road users"; Sept 26), commenting on my letter ("Reconsider plans for shared footpaths"; Sept 23), appear to suggest that cyclists are mainly children or the elderly travelling at little more than walking pace.

This needs a reality check.

On the morning of Sept 26, I counted 12 cyclists speeding past me on the footpath or pedestrian crossing in the Upper Changi Road area. None were children, and only one looked above the age of 55.

I have also observed that most children in Singapore go to school by bus, on foot or are driven by a parent.

Mr Tan goes on to blame pedestrians for making sudden movements, like stopping or turning. But we cannot always give advance notice of our actions.

It is not a matter of being gracious; we don't have eyes in the back of our heads, and some of us older folks are also a little deaf.

I know it is just a matter of time before I am struck by another bicycle.

Cyclists have no insurance coverage. Who will pay the medical bills if I need medical treatment, like the woman left in a coma after being hit by an electric scooter ("Woman still unconscious after e-scooter accident"; Sept 22)? Who will financially support my wife if I am disabled?

Cyclists can certainly enjoy riding in the parks on exclusive cycle tracks, just as I may stop on a footpath to smell a flower.

Allein Godfrey Moore