Non-profit groups must maximise benefits with funds raised

It is heartwarming to know that tax-deductible donations to charities last year were at their highest in at least 16 years ("More opening up their purses for charity/Govt grants make a difference"; Thursday) and I applaud the Government's effort to match donations dollar for dollar.

This will improve both the quantity and quality of services rendered to beneficiaries of each charity, thereby enhancing the entire non-profit sector.

Moving forward, it is paramount for each charity to possess a strong management team and a hugely experienced and resourceful board to maximise utilisation of the funding raised.

The importance of human capital in non-profit organisations (NPOs) must not be neglected, as these individuals are the direct influencers and gatekeepers of the funds.

To this extent, having the right leaders in each NPO ensures its strategic mission and vision are met, the funds are distributed effectively and appropriate governance of funds and liabilities are practised.

The time is right for NPOs to take professional training programmes to enhance their human capital.

Programmes and services, such as Pulse Check (for board members of NPOs to better understand their competencies) and Board Match (to ensure board renewal and reduce stagnation) by the Centre for Non-Profit Leadership, as well as non-profit governance workshops by the Social Service Institute, will allow holders of mission-critical positions to better grasp their duties and ensure that the record funds for last year are maximised, with the best possible intentions and results.

Eugene Mok Chong Wei