No one should be above the law

It is very worrying that we still do not know who drafted Mr Lee Kuan Yew's last will and the circumstances under which it was drafted (MPs hope doubts over LKY's last will are looked into; July 5).

The summary of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's Statutory Declaration, dated June 15, noted that the will was changed overnight, and read and signed by Mr Leein less than 15 minutes.

On June 16, Mr Lee Hsien Yang said that Stamford Law (his wife's law firm) did not draft any will for Mr Lee, and that the last will was drafted by lawyer Kwa Kim Li of law firm Lee & Lee.

However, Ms Kwa immediately responded to say that she did not prepare it.

Neither Mr Lee Hsien Yang nor Mrs Lee Suet Fern has answered the simple question: Who drafted the will?

The public deserves to know the truth. This was the last will of our founding father.

E-mail correspondences (based on PM Lee's summary of statutory declarations) suggested that it was Mrs Lee Suet Fern.

However, she is related to the beneficiary of the estate - Mr Lee Hsien Yang, whose share increased under the will. Under our laws, if the lawyer has an interest in the will, he must make sure that the person making the will received independent advice.

Did that happen? There are many troubling questions here.

This could potentially be a serious breach of our laws, including the professional conduct rules for the legal profession.

Is Mrs Lee Suet Fern, as a member of the Lee family, going to get special treatment, and avoid investigation, despite questions being raised in Parliament?

Even Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance Indranee Rajah said there were serious questions about the last will.

No one should be above the law.

Pang Shi Jie