No need for S'pore to rush into use of nuclear power

Given the finite nature of oil and gas and the unreliability and limitation of renewable energy, including solar power, the nuclear option is a good one for Singapore (Why Singapore needs to make nuclear power work; Oct 24).

But before we jump on the bandwagon of floating nuclear power plants, it is critical to carry out more in-depth studies and risk assessments - including the safe disposal of radioactive waste in land-scarce Singapore, vulnerability to terrorist attacks in open sea, and lingering effects of severe radioactivity following meltdown or other accidents.

While the fatality rate per trillion-kWh at nuclear power plants may be at its lowest, the ensuing impact from mishaps at oil and gas power plants will at most be environmental pollution, which is unlikely to last longer than radioactive pollution.

Assuming a worst-case scenario of 50 years to the depletion of oil and gas, this is still a long enough time for further technological advancement in nuclear power, including in the areas of waste disposal and operational safety.

We can still afford to adopt a wait-and-see approach for about 30 years or so before making a decision on this.

Teoh Woi Khon

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