'No cycling' sign taken down from underpass


Initially, there were "No riding of bicycle" and "Fine $1,000" signs in the underpass next to High Street Centre so cyclists were made to push their bicycles. But it seems like these signs have been taken down as I have not seen them around.

Cyclists tend not to slow down when they go downslope in an underpass as they need to build up momentum to ride upslope at the other end of the underpass. The same applies to users of Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs).

This poses a greater risk to pedestrians in the underpass as cyclists and PMD-users are going faster than when they travel on level pavements.

Cyclists and users of PMDs are not allowed to ride on overhead bridges.

Could the Land Transport Authority explain the rules on the riding of bicycles and PMDs (at potentially high speeds) in underpasses compared with on overhead bridges?

Tan Gee Chee