New car clearance system at Woodlands checkpoint creates more problems

As a frequent traveller between Singapore and Malaysia who uses the Woodlands checkpoint in the early evening, I find the new system for car clearance a problem.

There used to be two zones allocated to cars at around 5.30pm, and traffic was fairly smooth.

Recently, this has been halved, such that there is only one zone for cars. I understand that the reason for this is to allocate more zones to motorcycles, so they can have faster clearance.

However, this has resulted in traffic grinding to a halt as early as 5pm and traffic jams on the Bukit Timah Expressway until late in the night.

In trying to solve one problem, another has been created.

The cause of the motorcycle congestion in the first place is lane hogging by the motorcycles, and not a lack of lanes.

Unfortunately, this problem has not been addressed, and lane hogging is still prevalent.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority needs to have a more thorough plan for traffic management at the Woodlands checkpoint.

I hope that it will reinstate the two zones for cars to smoothen traffic in the car lanes in the evenings.

V. Kumar