NCC should also review training safety

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) did the right thing in calling for a safety timeout after the spate of unfortunate training incidents, to allow for time to review the syllabus and tempo of training (SAF to lower training tempo to review safety, processes; Jan 25).

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) should follow suit and call for a safety timeout.

This will allow NCC to review the training of cadets, while inculcating a mindset focused on safety among these future soldiers early on.

While in theory, NCC training is less rigorous than SAF training, many of its activities such as drills and physical training mimic that of the SAF, and are often conducted by overzealous seniors, who are only one or two years older than the trainees.

The teacher-in-charge is required to be present at all formal NCC training sessions, whereas the SAF requires at least three trained or senior personnel, appointed supervising, conducting and safety officers, to be present during training sessions.

The SAF also requires medics to be present before certain training activities can begin.

I would like to see the NCC take cues from the SAF when it comes to safety, and implement them as part of its cadet training.

Mark Tan Kim Soong