MRT staff need better crisis management skills

In the light of the recent rail breakdown where darkness engulfed train stations, there is a need for a concerted effort by various ministries to draw up action plans for ground staff to assist passengers in the event of a breakdown caused by terrorist action ("All affected stations without power except for emergency lights"; April 26, and "Lack of info more irksome than rail breakdown itself" by Ms Koh Shu Yi; April 27).

We cannot always assume breakdowns are due to system errors or electrical failure, as terrorist attacks can also compromise our rail system.

Staff on the ground need to be trained to make clear announcements to help passengers navigate their way to safety during a crisis.

Currently, ground staff are often confused or unable to clearly articulate the problem.

Imagine the situation if the reason was more than an electrical failure.

We must constantly stay alert and not be complacent in keeping our transport system safe.

Ng Shien (Mrs)