Motorcycle COEs overdue for a review

There has been much concern raised over the years over the price of motorcycle certificates of entitlement (COEs).

However, the COE premiums continue to rise, with no sign of abating. The latest premium is a five-month high of $6,501, a significant amount to the general riding public, who are mainly in the lower-income group ("Car COEs hit the brakes"; Sept 22).

The number of motorcycle COEs is small, and this is aggravated by the practice of deregistered motorcycle numbers contributing to the open category, rather than the motorcycle category.

It was reported earlier this year that the Transport Ministry will continue to review the COE framework, including the open category contribution rate, and make adjustments if required.

Action on motorcycle COEs is long overdue, as to date, nothing seems to be being done.

Ng Kei Yong