More sustainable to eat farmed fish

I read with interest the report that now more ornamental fish farms are farming food fish as demand for aquarium fish dropped ("Major farms switching to food fish"; July 18).

Fish is reportedly a healthier alternative to red meat, as it contains oils which are heart-healthy and boost our cognitive abilities, among other benefits. This is why people choose to eat more fish.

The increasing population worldwide, coupled with this increase in fish intake in diets, would only mean that natural fish stocks in oceans will be depleted sooner than we think.

The more sustainable way is to farm fish rather than to capture them from the ocean. This can also be tailored to suit and meet the high demand for fish without seriously upsetting the natural balance of the marine ecosystem.

Farmed fish might not taste as good as fish in the wild, but it is the only way to satisfy our insatiable appetite for fish and seafood.

We should support our local fish farms and buy more farmed fish for our dinner table, so they can remain viable in the long term.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)