More needs to be done to save energy

Energy and other resources in Singapore don't come by easily, but Singaporeans don't seem to treasure them. I regularly see energy being wasted by residents in private estates.

Since Singapore is experiencing warmer temperatures with each passing year, more places such as function rooms and outdoor villas and pavilions are now air-conditioned.

It is fine to have the air-conditioner on when these facilities are in use, but at other times, all appliances should be switched off.

I was shocked after a recent encounter with staff in charge of such facilities showed how nonchalant they were about saving electricity.

Children are taught in school to switch off all electric appliances when they are not in use, but these lessons are not carried out in the daily lives of many in Singapore.

It is time we scrutinised what further action can be taken to encourage the people in Singapore to pay attention to the wastage of resources.

Jong Ching Yee (Miss)