More mums at home will make family, nation stronger

Dr Teo Hong Siang is right in saying that the contributions of stay-at-home mums do not get as much recognition as other groups (Do more for stay-at-home mums in tax relief; March 19).

A mother plays a very crucial role in a child's development.

No one can take the place of a mother. It is from her that the child learns the importance of family, as she is the main one who holds the family members together.

In Singapore, many high-income earning working mums feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children and try to make up by pampering the children.

This may explain the attitudes and work ethics of the "strawberry generation".

Family is the foundation for the country as well. If families are strong, the country is strong.

I hope that the Government will look into realistically rebalancing the tax benefits of working mothers.

We need more of our mums to stay back home to inculcate values in our children to make the family unit stronger and, this way, make Singapore stronger too.

Ivan Goh Sian Lung