More flexibility needed in ATMs' cash denominations

I recently went to a POSB ATM at Peninsula Plaza to withdraw $1,000.

To my surprise, the machine dispensed eight pieces of $100 and four pieces of $50, instead of the usual 20 pieces of $50.

Out of curiosity, I contacted DBS Bank to find out why $100 notes were dispensed when ATMs usually dispense $50.

I was told that the change to dispensing $100 was made recently across many parts of Singapore after a study of customer withdrawal patterns.

As it is generally more difficult to use $100 in daily transactions, I hope DBS can look into the following:

- Designating certain ATMs to dispense only $50 or $100.

- Allowing customers the choice of withdrawing cash in various denominations of $10, $50 and $100.

Phua Peng Hwee