More concrete metrics needed to assess teacher quality

The Ministry of Education said that its "teachers are assessed based on their professional competencies in delivering holistic education" (Sustained efforts to ensure teacher quality; Nov 20).

As a parent with school-going children, I am interested to know what the competencies mentioned by the ministry are, and how they are measured.

What kind of metrics are involved?

What do "professional competencies" mean to the man in the street? Abstract terms sound nice, but can these make an impact and can they be measured?

I recommend the following concrete metrics for the teaching of mathematics, for a start:

First, improving methods that will result in fewer steps and less time taken to reach the solution to a problem.

Second, reducing the number of mistakes made in percentage terms.

Third, promoting ease of learning of a chosen methodology, with an attendant increase in satisfaction and reduction in frustration felt by students.

The above recommendations could bring about a robust discussion involving more stakeholders, such as students, parents and teachers, on how we can contribute to improving our education system.

Views should be sought from teachers and students themselves, who are at the centre of the issue.

John Yong Siew Hua

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