Moderation the key to good health

Although there is no measurable scale as to how much sugar a person should consume, a person cannot live without sugar.

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus Type 2.

Doctors said that I should avoid refined sugar and take artificial sugar as a substitute. I did so and, a few months later, I found that I was getting thinner and thinner.

This worried me and I saw a specialist at a hospital. He said I was getting thinner because of a lack of sugar. He told me that sugar gave vital energy and advised me to resume taking sugar moderately.

I did this and regained my weight.

Over-indulgence or abstinence is no solution to good health. Moderation is.

I love my whisky, lamb chops and char siew rice, but I do my exercises two or three times a week without fail.

Exercise should involve key components of your body, including hands, legs, joints, shoulders, waist, stomach muscles, mouth, eyes, as well as the breathing system.

For optimal result, one should jog or brisk walk at least twice a week until one perspires profusely. This can be complemented with free-hand exercise at home.

I will be 78 in November. I hope I can inspire those who lead a sedentary life to make exercise a priority and start sweating it out for an active and healthy life.

K. Kalidas