Misleading information on qualifications for social work

At a time when the social work profession is being actively marketed as a career of choice in Singapore, more people are gaining awareness that volunteers are not social workers and that proper training for aspiring social workers is needed before one can work in the sector.

There are also various institutions providing scholarships to support students studying social work at the National University of Singapore or SIM University.

However, there are some educational institutions that suggest that a psychology degree can make one a social worker. This is misleading, and such a message can confuse many students who may not know the appropriate qualifications needed to become a social worker.

One website even published a post suggesting that one of the 10 career options that potential psychology students can look at is to be a social worker.

This information is erroneous, for a social work undergraduate degree, postgraduate diploma or master's is necessary for one to become a social worker in Singapore.

Only with a relevant social work qualification can one become a social worker in Singapore.

Maygalai Tangarasu (Miss)