Mirror PM's strength, commitment

I was among the invited guests at the National Day Rally on Sunday.

Like the rest of the audience and those following the Rally on television, I was shaken when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong showed signs of physical distress in the middle of his speech ("Anxiety, then relief, as PM completes Rally after taking ill"; Aug 22).

For PM Lee to return to the stage to complete his speech after about an hour after he felt unwell clearly demonstrates his courage, commitment and determination to share with us how he planned to steer our little red dot towards the next 50 years, amid the many challenges ahead.

We have sent a clear signal that we have a prime minister who is tough enough to weather any incoming storm, be it terrorism or intimidation from the big boys.

Let's mirror our leader as we progress into the next 50 years, and show courage and commitment as one united people, and fight with determination to bring continuous success to our island.

I also wish PM Lee continuous good health.

David Tan Kok Kheng