Making PMD riding safe for all

A PMD rider rides past pedestrians on shared path along Pasir Ris Central on Sept 27, 2019.
A PMD rider rides past pedestrians on shared path along Pasir Ris Central on Sept 27, 2019.ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

The rapid increase in the number of users of electric scooters, hoverboards and electric unicycles over the past year, coupled with food delivery providers building their own fleets, has pushed micro-mobility to the forefront of public consciousness.

At Beam, we believe mobility sharing is a cultural movement, and know that it can be more than just quick access to a mode of transport.

The sharing of mobility devices means that urbanites will have access to an efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable means of transportation.

There are valid concerns that come with the mobility sharing.

Here is how we think a mobility-sharing company should act:

Make safety a priority: This is about considering how to make a ride safe before worrying about how to make a ride more attractive.

A shared personal mobility device (PMD), for example, will have an actual speed cap.

Partnering local communities: While we are clearly focused on ensuring the safety of our riders, we are very aware that there is a larger community of non-riders, who will be impacted by mobility sharing.

It is why we aim to educate all within the local community on what constitutes responsible riding practices and encourage them to adopt these practises as a daily habit.

By cultivating a shared sense of community, and consideration for the people who live, work and play in the vicinity of our travels, Beam seeks to ensure that micro-mobility will benefit everyone.

Commitment to cities: In order to assist the cities to form regulations, conduct future-focused urban planning, we are committed to working with policymakers at all levels in whatever capacity we can.

We need to partner with cities to actually make improvements and think about more than what is good for Beam.

Through these measures, we believe our sharing services will make cities better and provide safe affordable transportation options for Singapore.

Christopher Hilton

Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Beam Mobility