Make toilets at MRT stations more accessible

My wife and I, who are both senior citizens, were travelling home from town in the train once when she had a stomach ache.

We got off at the next station, but it was an agonising period between disembarking from the train, tapping out at the barrier and searching for the toilet at the concourse area.

Luckily, she managed to control her bowels.

My friend's wife has also been in such a situation. However, she did not make it to the toilet in time. Her husband had to go to the nearest shop to buy her a new pair of pants.

The toilets at MRT stations seem to be located mostly at the far ends of the concourse level.

This is very inconvenient, especially for the elderly, who may have difficulty walking.

In view of the ageing population, it would be a great help if a toilet were built on the platform level.

I was told that there is a small crew toilet at the platform of every MRT station, to cater for train drivers.

Since most MRT trains are now driverless, perhaps this toilet could be opened for commuters in urgent need.

Eric Tan Thian Huat