Make it more convenient for seniors to take SGH shuttle bus

Singapore General Hospital's (SGH) campus shuttle bus brings convenience to patients by plying between the different institutions and two MRT stations.

The speedy point-to-point service is safe and pleasant, and drivers and attendants are patient and professional.

However, the shuttle bus' entrance-cum-exit step is unfriendly to the frail elderly, and makes it difficult for them to board and alight comfortably without any assistance.

Since SGH is frequented by senior citizens, it would be good if it can be made more convenient for them to take the shuttle bus with ease.

Low-floor buses should be used, so that the maximum height of bus' first stepis at kerb level, so as to facilitate easier access.

SGH should strive to introduce senior-friendly initiatives that ensure seniors and those with mobility needs can enjoy safe and pleasant journeys on its campus shuttle bus.

Loong Chik Tong