Make insurance a must for PMDs and bicycles

A man rides his personal mobility device on the pavement along Holland Road.
A man rides his personal mobility device on the pavement along Holland Road.PHOTO: TAMIL MURUSU

I am a manual wheelchair user and have had a near collision with an e-scooter user at a void deck.

No amount of regulations will curb irresponsible users from riding e-scooters and e-bikes recklessly.

As we build an inclusive society and barrier-free accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly, we inevitably also create accessible pathways for reckless users who have no regard for the safety of others.

Imposing fines and jail terms on reckless users is not good enough. Who is going to bear the consequences and aftercare of victims of accidents, as in the case of Madam Ang Liu Kiow (Teen e-scooter rider pleads guilty in incident which caused pedestrian severe brain injuries; June 13)?

We know this particular incident is not the first and will not be the last. The suffering affects not only the victims, but also their family.

The existing laws governing the use of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and bicycles must include mandatory insurance coverage. All mobility devices should be registered and assigned a number plate.

The aim of going car-lite is one thing, but we also need to ensure the safety of footpath users. The people who permit the use of PMDs must ensure adequate safety measures are in place.

Tam Ah Hock