Make anti-mosquito repellents more affordable

The Zika virus has been in the headlines since the first case was detected. More new cases surface every day, and it has had an effect on our lives.

It is not likely that the virus will be totally eradicated. We expect that we will continue to have cases of Zika, just like dengue ("Zika virus likely here to stay, says Amy Khor"; Sept 5).

Hence, I suggest that mosquito repellent sprays or patches be made more affordable.

A 75ml spray can retail for between $10 and $12.90, while patches cost around $9. The lower-income group may find these prices steep and may not use the repellents, thus increasing the risk of Zika.

FairPrice has often been the forerunner in setting an affordable and fair price for consumers, especially under its house brand.

I hope it can do the same for anti-mosquito sprays and patches as well.

Jeff Tan Hong Liak