Maintain healthy balance in launching new flats

Though cooling measures have succeeded in stabilising the prices of resale flats in recent years, a balance must be maintained ("'Too early' to lift property curbs, says minister"; Dec 31, 2015).

The Government has been responsible in supplying sufficient new HDB flats yearly to meet the demand of buyers, especially first-time buyers.

But the yearly launches and releases of new flats may make it difficult for existing owners who wish to sell their flats to find a buyer on the resale market. Some may even have to unload their flats at a loss.

Consideration must be given to elderly people who downgrade to smaller flats - they need to sell their existing flats when they get the keys to their new flats.

The baby-boomer generation does not aim to profit from selling their flats when they downgrade. They just hope to be able to find a decent buyer and not sell at a loss.

I hope the HDB will maintain a healthy balance in its yearly launches of new flats.

Even as the Government helps first-time flat buyers, let us not forget existing owners who need to sell their flats.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)