Low ridership, but some stations open

There are more than 12,000 residents in the seven condominiums along Hume Avenue alone.

This should be considered adequate ridership to justify the outlay of opening Hume MRT station ("Ridership projection for Hume station under review" by the Land Transport Authority; Dec 18).

What is the rationale behind the running of "ghost" stations, Woodleigh and Caldecott? Doesn't operating these two stations incur significant costs as ridership in the vicinity is not high?

Indeed, with Mediacorp moving to Buona Vista, Caldecott station should be closed. The same applies to Woodleigh station until the Bidadari housing estate is completed.

The Land Transport Authority seems to be making Hume residents take Service 173 to Beauty World station and City Direct Service 653 to the Central Business District during the morning and evening peak hours, when we could just walk to Hume station to take the train downtown.

Simon Goh Chan Poh