Love, intimacy go beyond sex

As a person born with a physical disability and diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my mid-20s, I tend to feel I have a little more insight into how our mind and body function.

In this highly sexualised society, it is regretful that we tend to equate the innate desire for love and intimacy with the need to have sex (Disability and sexuality; June 30).

Intimacy in a relationship is far more than just sex. It includes the physical intimacy of touching someone's hand, the emotional intimacy of sharing fears and secrets, the intellectual intimacy of knowing that we share the same opinions on a matter, and the spiritual intimacy of belonging to the same faith.

Sex is a gift that I would give only to my husband.

I need no helping hand in this, otherwise it would be a spoilt gift.

Sex is not a need that I would have died for in these years of singleness.

I applaud the efforts taken by married couples to seek help and to be counselled that intimacy can be creatively sought beyond sex.

Love is the greatest gift that everyone can give lavishly.

My faith informed my mind and heart that this broken body of mine has intrinsic value, no matter what others think or say.

It is time we progress beyond looking at seemingly vulnerable people with coloured lenses.

Ho Lay Ping (Ms)