Lift carpark barriers during peak free-parking periods

I live in a place which is surrounded by a wet market, a supermarket, a hawker centre, five coffee shops, ATMs and many other shops.

Some friends have been and are envious of such conveniences.

However, this convenience has become a big headache on Sundays.

Often, when I have my coffee on Sunday mornings, I hear continual blasts of car horns, screeching sounds and occasional bickering, as the carpark is full and it takes time for vehicles to move in and out of the carpark because of the barrier.

What is supposed to be an enjoyable experience buying groceries or just catching up with friends has become unpleasant.

I have also seen fist fights and heard verbal abuse, and all this has made me wonder why this happens.

One of the obvious reasons is that it takes time for drivers to drive off from the carpark as the barrier takes time to operate.

Since free parking is permitted in some carparks on Sundays, and the peak period on this day is from 8.30am to 10.30am - especially in areas where there are wet markets and eateries - I wonder if the barrier could be lifted during this period.

If this suggestion is operationally workable, it would save vehicle owners a lot of time as they can move in and out of carparks quicker.

Janagi Somu (Ms)