Life-saving benefits from a vegetarian diet

Though it seems counterintuitive, it is not entirely surprising that, as compared to more elderly patients, younger patients who recover from a coronary event may still succumb to a premature death ("Young heart attack survivors still at risk"; Dec 15).

Cancers also tend to be more aggressive, with a greater tendency to recur after treatment when occurring in the young.

While continued smoking was identified as a dominant factor in the recurrence of coronary disease in the local study, no mention was made of the efficacy of a predominantly vegetarian diet as a preventative or ancillary measure in managing the disease.

Indeed, atherosclerotic disease has been found to regress in cases of clogged coronary vessels when a strict vegetarian diet is adhered to, even in the absence of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Vegetables have a reparative effect on blood vessels damaged by inflammation.

The adoption of a predominantly vegetarian diet and the repudiation of a meat- and dairy-based diet, together with lifestyle changes, will lead to decreased new or recurrent morbidity and mortality.

Yik Keng Yeong (Dr)