Lessons from an enterprising mother

I applaud Mr Jack Sim for his commentary on Monday ("My mother, the social entrepreneur").

His article conveyed three messages.

The first message is that life is meaningless without love.

Mr Sim's commentary clearly shows that motherly love surmounts all obstacles and odds.

Despite being illiterate, Mr Sim's mother's love for her children and the aim to provide them with a formal education forced her to explore all ways to supplement the household income.

Second, hard work and perseverance pay off. Facing initial failure in her first enterprise venture, Mr Sim's mother never gave up sourcing alternative business ventures.

Our young today must be able to persevere in whatever venture they embark on and continually strive to source new opportunities, even during periods of adversity.

Third, do not let your ego hamper you. Be humble and courageous. Who says that you need to arm yourself with an MBA to start a business enterprise?

It is comforting to read that there is still hope for the less fortunate to make things better for themselves, as well as for others.

Tan Kok Heng (Dr)