Legalising, regulating motorised bikes the way to go

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) should permit only the traditional "manually pedalled" bicycles to use pavements.

All users of motorised bicycles - whether run on batteries, electricity or fuel - should be made to use the roads and pay the same charges as motorcyclists.

Instead of banning or clamping down on motorised bicycles, the LTA should legalise the use of such bikes and group them under the motorcycles category ("Motorised bicycles should be classified as motorcycles" by Mr Lawrence Loh Kiah Muan; Nov 24).

Like motorcyclists, motorised bicycle riders should be made to undergo proper training and pass prescribed tests in order to get a licence to ride on public roads.

Additionally, motorised bicycle users should be made to wear helmets, have at least third-party insurance coverage and pay road tax and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges.

Motorised bicycles would serve as a cheap and convenient alternative mode of transport for many.

The plus point is that congestion on the MRT and public buses during peak hours would be reduced, as a large number of commuters would switch to these motorised bicycles once they are made legal.

If current car owners find using motorised bicycles more convenient and economical, they might give up their cars.

This would, in turn, reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestions on our roads.

The LTA should, therefore, draw up and legislate the rules and regulations governing the manufacture, sale, purchase, illegal modification, training, testing, speed limit and use of motorised bicycles.

By legalising the use of motorised bicycles, the LTA would be encouraging Singaporeans to think out of the box and come up with newer modes of transport that are cheaper than cars and that will not pollute the air and clog up the roads ("E-bike rules a missed opportunity to innovate" by Professor A. Lee Gilbert; Nov 24).

Motorised bicycle riders should not be allowed to use pavements as this would be dangerous for pedestrians.

Pavithran Vidyadharan