Left in the dark when reporting faulty streetlamps

Two streetlamps in the Dempsey area have not been working for nearly a month, but nothing has been done to rectify the fault.

The area is full of eateries and pedestrian traffic is usually high, especially on weekend evenings. Without working streetlamps, the hazard of vehicular traffic is great.

When I complained to the Land Transport Authority, it said that it does not maintain all the streetlamps, as some are under the charge of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

When I approached the SLA, I was requested to show it where the faulty lamps are so it could identify whether those are under its charge.

As a layman, I find it impossible to tell which streetlamp belongs to which organisation.

Can the LTA and SLA work out the situation so that the situation can be improved in the Dempsey area?

Ong Tiong Meng