Leave void decks void

This is not the first time that town councils are spoiling the clean look of HDB void decks by filling them with structures ("Void deck railings to stop ball games"; Feb 25).

Over the years, many structures were built in the void deck of my block in Teck Whye Lane.

- A cosy corner was erected at great cost for elderly residents to play games and socialise. It was never utilised by the seniors. Currently, vagabonds use it as a bedroom.

- Two round concrete tables and chairs were built. These were used by non-residents as dining tables, resulting in half-empty food and drink containers strewn about, attracting cockroaches and rats. The tables were removed after complaints by residents.

- Six double-tier bicycle racks were installed about two months ago. These were also removed after residents complained about their unsightliness and obstruction.

I appeal to the town council not to waste more money installing unnecessary structures in HDB void decks.

Void decks should be left void.

Lew Sin Hoe