Kudos to Purple Parade team

My family and I went to the Purple Parade (carnival and concert) for the third time since the annual event started in 2013.

My pre-schoolers enjoyed the event very much last year.

For my children, it was a carnival like any other where they could watch performances, squeeze through the crowds, visit different booths to buy food or things that they liked.

For me it was a meaningful event to see people of all ages, with different needs and abilities, coming together to have a good time, on stage and off stage.

Kudos to the Purple Parade team for keeping the event going.

I hope that they will have continued support from organisations and people from all walks of life, and that the carnival and concert will draw larger crowds each year.

I hope that the Purple Parade can continue to be an inclusive and purposeful event for everyone, whether or not they have special needs, and that its influence can go beyond the one-month period of campaigning each year.

Koh Hwan Cui (Ms)