Kudos on good Budget to make Singapore better

I applaud Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat for delivering a resounding, generous, balanced and inclusive Budget for all Singaporeans ("Budget to 'build our future together'"; March 25).

The slowing economy and its impact on the job market have emerged as top concerns for Singaporeans.

The rising costs of housing, healthcare, education and transport are also worries, and I am happy to note that the Government is investing further on this front.

It is evident that the Government aims to meet future challenges. These packages are timely.

Businesses are receiving significant help and our Government remains focused on economic restructuring, improving productivity and quality.

Moreover, it is transforming our economy, providing short-term relief to businesses to help them tide over the slowdown in our economy, and helping our workers and their families grow with confidence.

With our greying population and increasing medical cost, tax policies should be aligned to support companies and encourage them to provide better medical coverage for employees.

This is especially important in the push to get companies to employ older workers.

This year's Budget has several focus areas, such as families with children, needy households and seniors. But, most importantly, it aims to make Singapore a better place and more like home.

These benefits should continue in the future, even when our economic outlook becomes brighter.

V. Balu