Know who you're voting for

Polling Day is approaching, and eligible voters must remember that their vote is important and that every single vote counts.

The key questions are: Why should we vote? And who deserves our vote?

We vote because we have a stake in our country. The voting results tell us about our current government's performance and whether there is support for or against the various parties.

Current and future first-time voters should make an effort to listen to what all the parties have to offer during their rally speeches.

Listen well and do not take anything at face value; learn to examine their proposals, policies and track records. Compare what has happened in the past with what might happen in the future.

Having read most of the parties' manifestos, I must also caution voters to read them with questions in their minds.

As a management consultant, I know that statistics quoted do not necessarily show how credible a party is, and can be an attempt to look good on the report card.

Heated debates, moments of fury, and emotional and angry speeches are bound to occur during rallies, but parties must strive to conduct a clean and fair campaign.

Delane Lim Zi Xuan