Keep NDP mobile column vehicles on site

The mobile column is a standard feature at National Day Parades.

It takes much time, effort and manpower to move the vehicles from various camps to the venue and back.

As there are many rehearsals before Aug 9, the movement causes many roads to be blocked off. Due to the numbers, the vehicles have to be moved in batches and this adds to the chaos on the roads.

There is also noise pollution from the loud sirens by outriders that warn motorists of the vehicles' presence - an unnecessary move as their flashing lights are more than enough to do the job.

In residential areas, such sirens are a disturbance to residents.

I suggest that for future NDPs, the vehicles should be kept at the venue until the actual parade is over.

The best carpark for all these vehicles is the F1 pitch area and its surroundings. This will save the hassle of deploying the men and the machines, save on fuel costs and minimise traffic and noise pollution.

Best of all, the national servicemen operating the vehicles do not have to return to their camps in the wee hours of the morning.

Wilson Choo