IT systems must back up police's good work

I recently went to Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre to make a police report when my parents fell victim to a probable scam.

Sergeant Pay Zhi Qim and Sergeant Zambree attended to us. They were both very attentive and kind, and gave us good advice.

However, I was surprised to find that their IT system was not updated nor in good working condition.

We had to wait almost three hours before they were able to log in and make a report.

Since it was taking so long and I had pending appointments, I suggested doing a written report instead. Both officers immediately obliged.

I thank both officers for their good work. It is a pity that they were not supported by easy access to links within the government agencies to enable online reports or e-services.

I also thank Investigation Officer Li Shan who attended to us even after we left the station, to ensure that there was follow-up.

I hope that the Ministry of Home Affairs can review its IT systems such that police officers' work can be more effective and efficient.

Juliana Ang Hiok Lian (Ms)