Is a second shot at life really worth it?

DR ANDY Ho's article ("Wager on getting second shot at life"; May 5) provides readers with an opportunity to appreciate what medical science can offer, and ponder deeper on possible consequences, especially the moral aspects.

It is fascinating to see that advances in modern medical science have allowed cryopreservation to be done on a human being.

But imagine if, in future, medical science manages to successfully reanimate a person, bringing him back to life while maintaining his self-identity and personhood.

Would he be truly happy to live in a strange world without his parents, siblings, loved ones and friends? Is this the type of life a person would want?

In the case of the Thai toddler whose body was frozen after death ("Body of 2-year-old cancer victim 'frozen' in hopes of cure"; April 21), who will be responsible for giving her a caring and healthy environment to grow up in?

Unless we can resolve all these moral issues, the wager on a second shot at life may not be so enthralling after all.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)

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