Integrate natural assets with eco-tourism plans

Singapore is a hub for migratory birds ("Birds' vacation paradise"; Jan 20). Let us take advantage of this and integrate it with plans for making Singapore an eco-tourism centre.

It is all down to having a conducive environment.

We can continue to combine what comes naturally and what we create artificially in order to enhance the chances of nature thriving throughout the island wherever possible.

It is about getting the balance right and ensuring that Singaporeans, young and old, play their part.

Their interest has to be kindled so they can assist in the further development of our reserves and parks.

Programmes should be implemented, and newsletters be sent out on a regular basis to keep Singaporeans informed of activities and events relating to the maintenance and preservation of nature.

This would also make Singaporeans more knowledgeable, and enable them to help visitors who have questions about our biodiversity and our efforts to keep it.

We need to be responsible for our natural heritage and see that it is sustained in the long term.

Intertwining birds, animals and plants into our total urban landscape could become one of our greatest attractions and make us the byword for conservation worldwide.

Manoraj Rajathurai