Install bollards to stop shoppers from taking trolleys away

Making a police report on missing trolleys only adds up to more administrative and investigative work for the police ("FairPrice rolls out 'trolley enforcement officers'"; Sept 3).

Supermarkets should make police reports only when legislation makes it a crime to take trolleys home.

Giant supermarket and Ikea Tampines have measures in place to prevent people from taking trolleys away.

Bollards of differing heights, placed strategically around the buildings, seem to do the job.

Perhaps the Building and Construction Authority, Singapore Institute of Architects, building developers and property managers should work hand in hand with anchor supermarkets to install removable bollards at exit points, leaving no gap for a trolley to go through.

Existing supermarkets can be retrofitted with these bollards.

All supermarkets should unite behind this one system and stop this selfish behaviour of shoppers taking the trolleys away.

Shah Pakri