Increase carparks' capacity at parks

The National Parks Board may not be solving the root cause of the problem with its decision to implement charged parking at 18 carparks in 12 parks ("Charged parking at parks to regulate usage, prevent abuse"; July 23 and "Parking at popular park? You'll have to pay"; July 24).

The vehicle population has grown over the years, but the size of the carparks has not. Thus, park users are finding it difficult to locate a parking space, especially on weekends, public holidays and after office hours.

There should be a grace period of two hours to spur those with an interest in healthy living to visit the parks, individually and as a family.

Genuine park goers, especially those who like to explore parks beyond their immediate vicinity, should not have to pay for using the parks, which is what charged parking seems to be doing.

In the light of Singapore's ageing population, surely it would be good to make it easier for people to stay healthy, and not push people to the malls, which are so easily accessible by public transport compared to the parks.

If I have to pay, I will probably choose to exercise at the void deck in place of the parks.

Singapore has many beautiful parks across the island. It would be a waste if the parks are not fully enjoyed by the people. I would love to further explore them, provided parking is free.

Sia Chuan Han