Inconsiderate crowd, food shortage mar Barclays football event

I took some friends to catch the football match between Singapore and Arsenal at the Sports Hub on July 15.

A souvenir was placed on each seat; it looked like something I could use to fan myself. But towards the later part of the evening, some spectators started throwing the souvenirs, aiming them at the field area.

Many of the items landed either on someone's back or the playing field. Cleaners were brought in to clean up the place, only to find the area littered again by the inconsiderate fans.

Spectators who wanted a quick bite in between the two Barclays Asia Trophy games, which were held at 6pm and 8pm, found that food at one stall was sold out. Almost 50 people who had queued were turned away.

I hope better and more reasonably priced food and drinks can be made available during sports events. After all, the prices of tickets for the Barclays event were hefty.

Gone are the good old days, when one could buy snacks like curry puffs. Now, one is charged $8 for a slice of pizza and $10 for a small cup of beer.

Ishwar Murlidhar Mahtani