Inappropriate orientation games must stop

As an alumnus of the National University of Singapore (NUS), I was appalled by the report of the highly sexualised activities at recent NUS orientation camps ("NUS: Risque games completely inappropriate"; July 27).

Of these, one of the most inappropriate activities must certainly be the game forfeit that involved the re-enactment of a rape scene between a man and his sister. Activities like these promote rape culture by trivialising the severity of such sexual offences and the trauma suffered by victims.

Such inappropriate orientation games must stop.

Therefore, I am heartened by the fact that NUS will take "strong disciplinary action" against those responsible, and that our local universities have taken steps to ensure the propriety of orientation activities.

At the same time, every student can also play a part by rejecting peer pressure to be involved and by refusing to participate in activities that insult the dignity of others.

Organisers should also adhere strictly to the guidelines and respect the choices of those who do not wish to participate.

Ultimately, students participate in orientation camps to be inducted into university life and to bond with their peers.

It is important that students begin campus life on the right footing, by learning to interact with one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect and a culture of healthy relationships.

Darius Lee