In a changing world, national service should also evolve

I support Mr Young Chuan Hwa's idea of giving more emphasis to internal defence in our national service training ("Train NSFs, NSmen to take charge in terror crisis"; Feb 29).

The world has changed. War is now without borders and attacks are on civilians in inner cities.

I have already highlighted this in a previous letter ("Step up anti-terror awareness"; Nov 19, 2015).

Logically, in the defence of Singapore, we need to evolve our national service training to deal with this change.

Some of the money to be spent on new aeroplanes and tanks should be directed to equipment for counter-terrorism.

Singapore can lead the way in tackling terrorism.

We have a whole nation of operationally ready national servicemen in civilian life.

We should evolve a strategy to use this fact to our advantage against terrorists striking in our city.

We should evolve a system of civil awareness and patrols to nip the problem in the bud, before terrorists can cause harm.

George Wong Seow Choon (Dr)