Improve toll collection at checkpoints

To improve toll collection at the Tuas and Woodlands checkpoints ("Stiffer fines for motorists who evade tolls, fees"; July 10), the current Autopass/CashCard readers operated by the Land Transport Authority should be linked to the barriers at the checkpoints.

Any non-payment of fees or tolls will result in the barriers not being raised. Motorists will thus not have a choice but to pay the tolls incurred in order to proceed.

There will be some resulting delays caused by, for instance, the topping up of their cards, but this should be tolerable.

Currently, the raising of the barriers is controlled by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers, which means the barriers are raised once the passports are cleared.

Linking the barriers to the Autopass/CashCard readers will ensure that the barriers are raised only after both passports and toll payments are cleared.

Also, with regard to prohibiting entry to non-paying motorists, it is important not to overlook the drivers who try to evade paying tolls.

It is not uncommon for drivers to use multiple, borrowed or rental vehicles and there are also vehicles with multiple drivers.

Prohibiting the entry of such toll evaders is equally important. This can be done by flagging such non-paying cases in the ICA database.

Such "red flag" cases can then be refused entry into Singapore, unless they clear all outstanding fees.

Lau Kim Lon