Hoping for a dignified death

Dr Chong Siow Ann shows great knowledge and understanding of end-of-life issues ("Rage, rage against the (prolonged) dying of the light"; June 20).

I fully agree with him when he says that we need to face up to the obvious fact that we are mortal, and that to minimise a bad death, we must continue to have that discussion on end-of-life issues, such as the Advance Medical Directive (AMD), palliative care and even assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia, uncomfortable and unpalatable though they may be.

I am 79 years old and hope to leave this world in a dignified way.

I do not want my family to suffer financially and emotionally in having to look after me if I am suffering. I do not want to burden society.

I hope Singapore can look into legalising physician-assisted suicide for the elderly who are ill and suffering intolerably.

Janet Sng (Mrs)